NAZ MIRHADI - Program Director, Trainer NAZ MIRHADI – Program Director, Trainer

Diana Baruffa is a Certified Kinesiologist and Strength & Conditioning coach with a wide range of experience, education and certifications. With a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Diana’s work with Grindhouse is completely science-based. She believes in building fully functioning bodies that can withstand sports, injuries, or daily life. Her philosophies are centered in mobility, stability, and strength. In addition, Diana dedicates her time to educating her clients; not just telling them what to do. Knowledge is power!

Diana has a diverse background: from playing and coaching collegiate softball and soccer to training elite athletes, amateur athletes and special populations with various issues such as joint replacement, injury rehab, MS, diabetes, and heart problems.

Diana believes everyone has an inner athlete and exercise is essential for all of us. Preparing the body for safe and efficient movement in all ranges of motion is the key to a happy, healthy life.

Contact us today to schedule an intro session with Diana. It will be a session like no other: you will learn all about your unique body.

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