Combat Core

Our Combat Core classes are the best way to blow off some steam! The perfect mix of boxing and cardio – come and hit some pads with kickboxer Naz Mirhadi!


HIIT aka High Intensity Interval Training is the perfect class for an all-around workout! Things to expect in a HIIT class are: battle ropes, TRX, kettle-bells, olympic lifts, and much more!

Open Strength Circuit

Want to perfect your olympic lifts? Looking to get tone? Our Open Strength Circuit class is all about proper form and lifting techniques to make sure you achieve your weight-lifting goals healthily and safely!

Bars and Bells

If you show up to a Bars and Bells class, be prepared to work up a sweat! Bars and Bells is the perfect class if you want to focus and perfect your use of barbells and kettlebells.

Super Stretch

Make sure you’re exercising safely with our super stretch class. In this class we’ll be using foam rollers, trigger point balls, stretch bands, and body resistance to ensure we’re all reaching our exercise goals intelligently and safely.